Monday, September 14, 2009

Singin’ in the Rain

Let Wilderness turn cartwheels, Animals, come dance. Psalm 96:12 MSG

There’s a General Electric “green” commercial playing on TV, and I drop everything to watch the commercial when I hear its theme, “Singin’ in the Rain,” on the soundtrack. Not only does it have a light, carefree melody and orchestration, there’s the happy tappity-tappity tap dancing of—not Gene Kelly—a baby elephant frolicking in the puddles of a rain forest. The carefree, splashy choreography is amazingly like the 1952 movie. A macaw and chimp watch the tap dancing pachyderm with amazement and a little envy.

And I know just how they feel. I wish I could dance. Not only did I grow up in a Christian environment that discouraged social dancing, but I had a disabling accident at age 23, which required extensive physical therapy to even walk again. I’m grateful to be able to walk several miles without a cane, brace, or a limp. But when I walk, I must constantly look at the path or sidewalk before me to avoid tripping, and rarely look at distant scenery unless I stop for breath. Compensating for my paralyzed muscles, I must look sharp for level changes, rocks, acorns or pine cones, cracks in the cement, and many other tiny hazards which could send me painfully sprawling. So to see an elephant joyfully tap dancing in the forest makes me smile, and I join the little guy, if only in my spirit.

What about the wounds dealt us by loss of relationship (death, divorce, breakup), loss of income or property, severe or chronic illness in a loved one?

When Emmanuel comes to rescue us from this world of infirmity, we’ll be glorified and we shall be changed, inside and out, in an instant. (1 Corinthians 15:51). It's difficult to remember eternity when the present is so in-our-faces. But the Lord sees the big picture, the mural he's painting, the tapestry he's weaving. He has us in his tender, nail-scarred hands. He will show us our purpose, the calm assurance that he is in control, and the peace that comes from trusting his providence. That peace allows us to relax, let go of the controls we think we have, and (even if in the privacy of our homes) flop around in a happy dance!

Get out the message—GOD Rules! He put the world on a firm foundation; He treats everyone fair and square. Let’s hear it from Sky, with Earth joining in, and a huge round of applause from Sea. Let Wilderness turn cartwheels, Animals, come dance, put every tree of the forest in the choir—An extravaganza before GOD as he comes, as he comes to set everything right on earth, set everything right, treat everyone fair.Psalm 96:10-13 MSG.

“What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again!” Tappity, tappity, tappity, tappity, tappity, tappity …

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  1. I love the image of the baby elephant getting after the Gene Kelly routine.

    And, you are so right: It's difficult to remember eternity when the present is so in-our-faces, especially when that "present" is a daily struggle with pain, suffering, and discouragement.

    May we getting a bit better picture of things from God's perspective to help us to be stubborn ... and hold on.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this encouraging piece.


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