Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fruit Cocktail leftovers

On this site, one of three blogs I write, it’s a mystery as to why the most popular post here is not about Jesus, or God’s love, or finding peace in a troubled world. Not even close.

When I look at the statistics, I see page-views from primarily-Muslim communities like Indonesia, Philippines, Tunisia, Kuwait, Turkey, Malaysia 3x, Nigeria, Iraq, Qatar, Pakistan 2x, plus two from the United States and one from Iceland.  And the big spike in page-views began with Ramadan, August 1-30. This seems to happen on other fasts, too.

So what’s the big deal?  The incoming-search terms are centered around “fruit cocktail,” “cocktail de fruit,” “fruit cocktail pictures,” and “fruitcocktail.”

If you landed at this article because of its subject, fruit cocktail (that article link is not about the fruit salad, but about grafting fruit trees), PLEASE leave a comment below, anonymous if you wish, and tell me what you’re searching for. Is it a recipe for a beverage? A bowl of mixed fruit? A photo of fruit salad? Is fruit cocktail something that's allowed to be eaten during a religious fast?

You could satisfy my curiosity by leaving a comment...


  1. I came because I thought you might have a recipe. My blogs' most popular searches usually deal with recipes or other tutorial type entries. If you have a how-to on something unique (one of mine is "How to open a pomelo"), than you can rank first on google searches for that topic.

  2. Search was for Fruit cocktail leftovers-I have a large commercial can of fruit cocktail and was looking for ways to use the fruit besides my own non-dairy chilled fruit salad recipe.

  3. Looking for fruit cocktail images for an illustration I'm about to do.

  4. I am also looking for a way to use canned fruit cocktail that is leftover from a church dinner.


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