Monday, June 15, 2009

My book manuscript is officially accepted!

A few days ago, a book manuscript on which I had worked long and hard (twice) was officially accepted for hardcover publication in 2010. 
In 2004, I conceived the idea of a multiple-author daily devotional book, wrote author guidelines, solicited articles from about 50 authors, wrote more than 90 of the 365 articles myself, rewrote many pieces, and edited all of them. It was laid out for publication and printed at a Los Angeles vendor, formatted for the company website, and we sold several thousand of the 4-volume sets for $15 during the 2005 calendar year. All of the writing and most of the editorial work was done at home on my ice-age Mac with dial-up internet.
As an appreciation gift for helping with several other projects of mine, I sent the set to the book acquisitions editor at Review & Herald Publishing Association, who liked it so much that she and the Book Committee decided to knock someone else’s manuscript out of the six-year waiting list, and put ours in instead.
This year, the acquisitions editor, now assistant vice president in the books division, called to update me on the new editing and formatting to their specifications, and to set deadlines for submission of the manuscript and other pieces they need to publish and market the book. So, again at home on nights and weekends, I set about replacing weaker articles, finding new Bible texts and translations to fit every day’s entry, and format the manuscript to size, font, and space requirements. I finished one week before deadline and emailed it to the publisher.
The vice president’s reaction was extremely complimentary, and on June 8, she notified me of the official decision of the Book Committee to accept the manuscript for publication.

Dear Christy,
The sound you hear in our office is that of hammers against metal, crafting a Medal of Honor for your amazing, unstinting, and thoroughly beautiful work! Even a quick glance shows that this is one manuscript that will be a pleasure to work on. Thank you, thank you!

I’ll be in touch after Book Committee with the official decision. God bless!

Hello, Christy!
It is my pleasure to inform you that our Book Committee has recommended that we accept the manuscript We Shall Be Changed. Congratulations! There are still some hurdles the manuscript has to clear having to do with the cost of publication, but we are looking forward to seeing the book in print. You should have a contract before long.

Thanks for a job well done, Christy! This book will be a real contribution to our lineup.

Jeannette R. Johnson
Assistant Vice President, Book Division
Review and Herald Publishing Association


  1. Yay you!!!! How wonderful!!!

  2. Hooray! Can you let me know when it's been published? I'd love to have a copy. :)

  3. Comments from Facebook and email regarding manuscript acceptance:

    Robert: Oh my goodness. I am so proud of you. What a huge job and you pulled it off. Very nice messages from the Review. You are so smart and talented.

    Doreen: Congratulations! Can't wait to buy a copy!

    Christy: You have to wait until summer 2010. Aargh...

    Cate: Title?

    Christy: We Shall Be Changed. Daily devotional for 2011.

    Don: I’m impressed. They rejected mine.

    Kristen: Wonderful! Congrats: :>)

    Cate: Well now I know what to give for Christmas presents in 2010!!! Congrats Christy.

    Patty: congrats!! this is great news! what will you do to celebrate??

    Gayle: Congratulations Christy!!!!

    Roxanne: Way to go, christy!!

    Blake: Congratulations! Can't wait to read it, unless it's the devotional especially for women, sexist pig that I am.

    Skip: Yes, all that hard work bears fruit!

    Randy: Am looking forward to a signed copy!

    Christy: Thank you! It's very exciting. I've edited several other books and written bits of other authors' work as part of the deal. But this is a proud moment. Blake, go ahead and play a sexist pig, if your friends will tolerate it. It's not the women's devotional. Knowing you, you have a flock of female admirers, anyway, because they know you're only joking.
    How will I celebrate? Hmmm, now taking suggestions:

    Pamela: Hey, Congratulations Christy! Celebrate with chocolate! and one of those book signing parties!!!

    Michael: Vege-Tequilla!!!!!!! And come do a book signing at our bookstore.

    Goldie: Awesome!

    Nancy: very cool! can't wait to buy it!

    Eddie: Wow! Can I have your autograph in one?

    Christy: Thanks again, my friends. The acceptance note and some sample articles (the shorter ones in May and June archives) are on my blog.

    Patty: wow! you must be glowing with pride!!

    Doreen: Very happy for you and impressed with you, Christy -- can't hardly wait until next summer!!

    Colleen: That's awesome Christy. I think it's so cool. :-D

    Trudy: Wonderful news ... congratulations!

    Lorelei: Hooray! Just curious - did you end up using any of the additional articles I sent? Can't wait to see it in print! :)

    Mailen: Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off.

    Ken: Many congrats, CKR! I too have a devotional--for young adults--coming out of the Review, in 2010, I think it is.

  4. Congrats Christy! I am really looking forward to its release, and I know that both Janice and I will be well-fed and challenged by reading it. Hopefully I can get an autographed copy.

  5. Very exciting! Congratulations! (I'm Frances' daughter)....

  6. Well done Christy, what an achievement. I shall certainly buy a copy and will surely be blessed by it! A Published Author is something to be proud of. Does this mean you're a "rich bird" now?? ha! :>)

  7. More comments from email and Facebook:

    Lourdes: Congratulations, Christy!! This is no mean feat. Can't wait to read it.

    Audrey: FANTASTIC NEWS CHRISTY AND WELL DONE! Will call you soon.

    Judi: Oh my goodnessssss! No surprise to me, Girlfriend. You've got what it takes. Congratulations!

    Bobby: Christy I tried to write something to you but it [Blogger] won't let me, sorry but I tried and tried, I do love you and appreciate YOU very much.

    Bob & Noreen: Congratulations Christy, we are pleased for you. God bless you and the book.

    Lance: So there is a light at the end of the long tunnel, and it's not an express train! Congratulations on a job well done.

    Pamela: Congratulations!

    Karen: Fantastic news, Christy! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you :) Oooooh, Christy! Maybe our books can be side by side :) My "Fish Don't Need a Snorkel" will be at the GC convention too. In fact, we're thinking of coming over so Mike can go to the session and I can do some book stuff...Maybe we'll see you there???!

    Gayle: AWESOME!!!


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