Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Shall Be Changed is now in hardcover!

It finally happened! It started in early 2004, when I wondered how I could compile 366 first-person essays on how God transforms lives, and use it with the thousands of constituents of my former employer, Quiet Hour Ministries. And it's resurrected as a hardcover daily devotional book published by Review & Herald Publishing Association in June 2010.

The book's primary purpose is to show how God and his message of intimacy are clear and easy-to-understand without theological jargon. It speaks of how we, the writers, were transformed by the revelation of  God's love for us.

There were countless nights and weekends spent at my home office, using a 10-year-old Macintosh with dial-up internet, devising the writer guidelines, writing my 92 essays, rewriting many of the essays I solicited from others, and editing and formatting all the essays for length, content, redundancy, leaps of logic (or lack of it), correcting misquotes of scripture, paraphrasing quotes from other authors (to avoid misquotes and copyright issues), and many other activities. I emailed Word documents to the office computer, and the articles were reviewed by the ministry officers and proofread. It was wonderful to make new friendships with writers around the world.

The first version of We Shall Be Changed was issued in 2005, in four quarterly soft-cover books that our staff designed and proofread, had printed locally, and mailed to subscribers. Nearly every employee was involved in this book: some of them wrote essays, but the customer service people, those in accounting, the mailroom, marketing, evangelism, information services--we all had a stake. We formatted it in a database to run on our company website. Even the website was revamped partly to accommodate the text of our book. Once it was out in the hands of readers, we received scores of notes of praise for the articles, and the phone calls were universally positive.

Early in 2006, we sent the set of books to each writer, to board members of The Quiet Hour, and a number of influential ministry partners. One of the sets was sent as a thank-you gift to Jeannette Johnson, acquisitions editor at RHPA, who had helped me several times over the years. She phoned me and asked if RHPA could re-publish the set in 2010. My voice was calm and professional while we talked, but when I hung up, my office chair was spinning as I raced down the hall to share the news.

Although I had done more than 90 percent of the writing and editing work at home, I had done it under the authority of The Quiet Hour. And of course they funded the first edition and paid the salaries of the entire staff who participated.

When it was time to submit the updated manuscript early in 2009, I again worked nights and evenings at home, although this time with a laptop and fast Internet! It took about six weeks of evenings, plus a few weekends, to revamp the old manuscript, find 365 scripture verses to fit every essay, replace weaker essays with new ones, format it as required by RHPA, and email it away. About 10 days later, Jeannette notified me that the book had passed muster with the book committee, and that it would be printed in 2010 and marketed for 2011. Click here to see what the publisher and friends said about the book manuscript in 2009.

Just a few days later, I was laid off from my position as communications director, along with a third of other staff members.

In late April of 2010, I began researching a historical novel on Mary Barrett Dyer, my grandmother 12 generations ago. It's not a biography, history, or theological treatise. It's a narrative of a woman who defied convention, and even colonial law, to obey her Holy Spirit-directed conscience. Her execution changed American history. I believe I'm uniquely suited to tell Mary's story because of my faith, knowledge of the Bible, genealogy and history research, and experience working with religious institutions and their policies and leaders. (For lots of info on Mary and William Dyer, join her Facebook page HERE.)

I received my five (only) complimentary copies of We Shall Be Changed on June 23, and they'll be marketed (probably late summer 2010) by RHPA and Adventist Book Centers in catalog mailers and their online bookstores. For sale information, I'll post links in Facebook and on this blog's margin. Some have indicated an interest in having their copy signed by me, and I will do so locally. But for others, I'll design and print a sticky bookplate and mail it to you in your self-addressed stamped envelope.

Meanwhile, life goes on. And I need to get back to my novel!


  1. Ricki Warwick said:
    The cover is SOOOOO beautiful and I can't wait to read it. I read your blog about it and showed my husband. He said, "WOW!" and then after several minutes of closely examining the photo of the cover he said, "Make sure you tell her how cool that is!!!" (I think she knows!) ;)

    Julie Warrington-Jones said:
    Hey! Well done you! xx

    Carol Mock said:
    Congratulations Christy

    Kathryn Warner said:
    Brilliant! Many congrats, Christy! x

    Jules Frusher said:
    Fantastic Christy! What are we eating/drinking to celebrate?

    Elizabeth Chadwick said:
    Congratulations Christy! :-)

    Don Keele Jr said:
    Awesome...way to go Christy!

    Marilyn Senier said:
    Congratulations, Christy! It's a beautiful book!

    Andrea Schuett Griggs said:
    I have held it in my hands, and it is a lovely book! I'm bring several copies home with me. Kudos to you!

    Joelle Damsteegt McNulty said:
    Can't wait to see it! :D

    Christy K Robinson said:
    Thank you all for the nice comments. I'm really excited to join YOUR ranks with my name on the cover. I've edited quite a few books, and written portions of some, but haven't had the byline on the cover until now.
    Jules: the celebratory meal was some sort of leftovers (although I'm a fair cook, so they were good), but the dessert was special: low-fat, Splenda-sweetened cherry cordial ice cream with chocolate flakes and bits of maraschino cherries. You'd never know it was dietetic. Sooooo yummy.

  2. Patty Froese Ntihemuka
    you must be soooo excited! :) holding your first book in your own little hands... i'll bet you haven't put it down yet. ;)

    Martha Saucedo
    Congratulations! I didn't know I had a published author for a FB friend....Great Job!

    Pamela Tarango
    I'm very happy for you. This must make you feel really good and proud of yourself.

    Kara Wensink
    Awesome Christy!!!!! How do we get our copy?

    Christy K Robinson
    Thanks, folks! I'll give you a link to order from when they make the web page in the fall. :)

    Susie Sutherland
    I love love love that!!!!

    Paula Isenbarg
    Oh Christy! Congratlations!

    Rebecca Corfee
    Great job Christy!

    Cliff Smith
    Congrats! GR8 timing on the release....R U doing a signing @ the GC?

    Christy K Robinson
    Cliff, I would have done if I were still employed. I got laid off in June 2009. I won't be attending GC. The publication was timed so they could begin marketing it there; then it will be in the mailer catalogs and in their online bookstores. What I may do is to print some bookplate stickers and sign them for my friends.

    Cliff Smith
    sorry 2 hear of your layoff....hopefully this will be a best seller 4 you!!

    Naomi S Castro
    Christy, Congratulations! I am truly proud of you! I knew you could do it!


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